Saturday, June 27, 2009

10 Years!

Happy Anniversary (yesterday)! I can't believe it's been 10 years. It seems like yesterday, yet so long ago. We didn't go anywhere spectacular to celebrate but had a nice night out to celebrate (we went to Flagstaff last month for a friend's wedding and "counted" that as our trip). Here's what I remember from our first 10 years:

1. Always put the toilet paper with the paper going over, not under
2. I never realized that the decision of which side of the bed you choose to sleep on when you're first married is one that you'd better like for the next 50+ years
3. If I love something for dinner, don't have it all the time or you'll grow to hate it....
4. Never make ham and macaroni salad for dinner again, ever.
5. Never misplace a chocolate bar and then eat the whole thing yourself once it's found (or atleast never fess up that you hid one)
6. Too many girls in the family = daddy does not like, nor appreciate shopping (he sees $$$$)
7. You think that it's strange to eat pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. Someone's gotta eat the leftover's, right?
9. Husband's will always be better at video games than their wives, it's the law. (If you do find one that you're better at, play it as much as you can)
10. That I love you a google + infinity!

Here's to another 10 babe! xoxo

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Scarcy Family said...

In regards to sides of the bed, Scott and I often switch it up. About once a month I'll get tired of my side and we'll switch, or we just switch the direction we lay in the bed! Keeps things fresh :-)